Token Display is a strategic queue management solution using Audio/Visual Tokens. This eliminates unwanted thronging of customers at one place, and helps enforce orderliness in the wait system at service-based centres. This is a Token Display with Single Counter which can be deployed in spaces that function with only one counter.

Token Displays aid people standing in queues at Banks, Post Offices, Clinics, Food Courts, Parking Lots, Ticket Counters, etc. to wait with patience as it indicates them with the current, hot status of the token. The audio messages on these Token systems are attention-gaining with clear and concise bi-lingual voice in English and Tamil. Divine Cirkits has these Token Displays available in 3, 4 or 5 digit formats. Furthermore, we also have traditional bell-based Token system.

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  • Weightless keypad to enter token number
  • Allows both random/sequential entry of token numbers
  • No separate power supply needed for the display
  • Two quirky color choices: Red and Green
  • Requires minimal voltage for functioning


  • Input 230V
  • MS Powder Coated Cabinet
  • Versatile display system with facility to wall-mount or hang on the wall

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