Streamline your customer activities and bring forth orderliness and hassle-free functioning of staff members with this smart Token Dispenser system. This system is predominantly helpful at places like banks, hospitals, clinics, laboratory centres, or others where customers tend to queue up for their turn.

This Token Dispenser also known as Token Vending Machine prints sequential Token Slips for the customers. This can be used either ways: as standalone system or integrated with the electronic queue management system.

DivnieCirkits also provides customized token dispenser system where the dispenser can print slips specific to the input activity. For example, a single system may print tokens for Enquiry, Account Opening or Deposits. To facilitate this, the token dispenser may come with 3 unique keys each pertaining to an individual function.

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Technical Specifications

  • Thermal Printer for printing the thermal paper Tokens.ϖ
  • 2 Line LCD for user interface to display date and time.ϖ
  • Press the Green color Push button switch to print tokens.ϖ
  • Tear the tokens downwards carefully aligning with the blade for proper cutting of the paper token.
  • To reset the token number you can press the button continuously for 10 seconds. This will print the token reset receipt and number will be reset to start from 1.ϖ

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