Systematize the school bell system with Electronic or Digital School Bells from Divine Cirkits. No more time delays and no worries to alert yourself every hour. This digital belling system requires one-time initial scheduling after which the bell system rings automatically without manual intervention.

This Electronic School Bell System can be set using 4 keys in 24-hour format. It comes with four functioning modes: P1, P2, P3 and P4 each enabling up to 20 bells of duration range 1 second to 19 seconds. Each and every bell timing can be customized as single, double, triple, and so on.

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  • 7-segment bar display of 1’’, 2’’ and 4’’height
  • The belling system resumes its scheduled functioning even after a phase of power failure
  • 4 or 6 digit display in HH:MM:SS format
  • Two quirky color choices: Red or Green
  • Requires very minimal power


  • Input 230V
  • MS Powder Coated Cabinet
  • Versatile display with facility to wall-mount or hang on the wall

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