Quiz Master is a buzzer system useful to conduct Quizzes and reality shows and others in the same line. The system facilitates buzzer-based rounds of these shows where the participant will be given the chance to answer/participate in the order of hitting the buzzer.

The Buzzer system displays the name/code pertaining to the participant who has pressed the buzzer first, and the opportunity goes to the respective participant. In case the answers go wrong or dissatisfactory, the program Host may hit on the Host Control of the Quiz Master and the name of the consecutive participant who has hit the buzzer next will get displayed on the system, thus eliminating quarrels of any kind.

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  • Responsive buzzer system requiring gentle touch of the button
  • Weightless keypad to enter the buzzer
  • Separate Host Control
  • No separate power supply needed for the display
  • Two quirky color choices: Red and Green
  • Requires minimal voltage for functioning


  • Input 230V
  • MS Powder Coated Cabinet
  • Versatile display system with facility to wall-mount or hang on the wall

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