Ethernet-based clocks are clocks that display the PC time shared via LAN network. These clocks function based on TCP-IP Communication system where the time display relies on the computer’s LAN Network.

The PC is loaded with the time Software, and it is connected to a fully functional-LAN network via LAN Switch. Now, the PC doubles up its functioning as the Master Clock and prompts the PC time to all the Slave Digital Clocks connected across the LAN network.

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  • Captivating 7-segment Display with Display Size of 1 /2.3/4inch height
  • These Ethernet based Clocks resume displaying the RIGHT time even after a phase of power failure/interrupted power supply
  • Display type: 4 or 6 digit display in time formats HH:MM / HH:MM:SS
  • Dual display where you can choose between 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Two quirky color choices: Red and Green
  • Requires very minimal power


  • Input 230V
  • MS Powder Coated Aluminium Cabinet
  • Versatile digital clock with facility to wall-mount or hang on the wall

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