VLSI Design

Embedded System Design

PC based Projects

  • PC based Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • PC based high-speed data acquisition system

  • Dynamic force measurement system

  • Pick and Place Robotics controlled via PC Serial Port

  • Temperature measurement and control

  • Speed control of DC motor using FUZZY logic technique

  • Digital Control system for level process

  • PC based ECG monitoring system

  • PC to PC Wireless Communication

  • Controlling of home appliance using PC printer port

  • Displacement Measurement using LVDT

DSP based projects

Other Projects

  • Electronic Screw gauge using LVDT

  • Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control

  • Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control with voice enunciation

Note: These projects are suggested by us for engineering students. We only guide the students to finish the project successfully. We also guide any other projects suggested by professionals.

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